How You can Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally

So your doctor told you that you have high cholesterol levels? Don’t worry! We are here for your help. But first it is important to understand why it is so bad for you.

LDL or “bad” cholesterol is a fatty substance. Too much accumulation of this substance in the blood can cause arteries to clog, which ultimately results in a stroke or a heart attack.

Cholesterol is produced by the body naturally. However, there are some other factors involved that can cause an increased production of bad cholesterol. It can be genetically inherited from parents and even grandparents. Also consuming foods rich in tans fats and saturated fats can increase cholesterol levels in the body.

LDL is considered very high if you get a reading of 190 mg/dL, even levels ranging from 160 to 189 are considered high, and the borderline levels are from 130 to 159. Cholesterol levels within the range of 100 to 129 are considered optimal. People with a family history of heart disease should maintain their LDL levels up to 70 mg/dL.

How You can Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally

Just as too much LDL production is bad for the body in the same way low levels of HDL also known as “good” cholesterol is also not good for your body. Your aim should be to decrease the LDL levels and increase the HDL levels. It is also said that it is easier to push LDL levels down than to raise HDL levels up. HDL levels equal to 60 mg/dL or above are considered to be heart protecting.

By making some lifestyle and dietary modifications you can reduce bad cholesterol levels and at the same time you can increase your good cholesterol levels in the body. Here are some measures you can take.

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