Human Brain Analysis – Man vs. Woman

Man brain versus the woman brain, the war began the day Adam and Eve landed on the earth. Which brain is better? Centuries have passed, but the conclusion has not been drawn yet.

One thing the scientists are sure about is that there aren’t many similarities between the two brains. These differences become visible during the fetus development and can easily be detected by an ultrasound scanner at the gestational age of 26 weeks.

men vs women brain

The male brain consists of more gray matter than the female brain, i.e. almost 6.5 times more. The gray matter is also known as the “thinking matter”. Whereas, the female brain contains more white matter than male brains. You will find 9.5 times more white matter in the female brain than in males. You will also find bigger and more organized cortex in females than in males.

The scientists also found a difference in the sizes of the two brains. The male brain is 10% bigger than the female brain. But does size matter? Let’s find out.

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