Human Brain Analysis – Man vs Woman

Man vs. Woman – a battle between two genders which never seems like coming to an end. Why is it so? Why one entity cannot walk hand in hand or shoulder to shoulder with their counterparts in everyday matters of life. Why the stir is still going on about woman inequality and gender discrimination in our modern and highly educated era? The questions are many but answers are few yet unsatisfactory; why is it so?

We preach a lot about men and women being equal while in reality one gender is in urge of dominating other in order to prove their respective strength and ultimate value. This unending and unsettling dispute has raised many eyebrows of scholars over the years. One aspect of looking at and addressing the issue at hand is to observe it from the perspective of sheer innate reality and psychology. This is what we are going to do right now; we are opting out for human brain analysis in order to understand why it is always ‘man vs. woman’?

Humain Brain

It is not the mere outlook and appearance of both genders which is distinguished from each other; in fact, the most complex thing of the world ‘Brain’ is also different in both when it comes to cognitive ability, thinking, reasoning, problem solving and many other alike functions. Now we shed some lights at the facts by assaying human brain in both man and woman according to the different aspects of life.

  • A woman is good when it comes to multitasking. She can do different tasks at the same time without losing the power of her focus and this proves the strength of her abilities. She can drive whilst listening to a phone call unlike man, who loses focus quite easily and finds it difficult to pull off multitasking. Hence, they are more in favor of approach ‘one task at one time’
  • Similarly when it comes to language then it is said that woman are more able to learn more languages compared to man and this is the reason why, vocabulary of a woman tends to be greater than that of a man. Further, this is why a female baby speaks more and tends to be more talkative than a baby boy
  • Woman finds it difficult to solve problems quickly while on the other hand, man tends to be quick and effective problem solvers
  • Man is far greater than woman when it comes to analytical process; he can view an abstract situation and then breaks it down into simpler bits of problems while a woman finds it difficult to do so. She would take an abstract situation as a complex map of lines only
  • Car driving is better in man than woman. Reason being, analytical abilities of man combines with his brain while driving. As a result, he is better in identification of far off objects on the road, their direction and speed; hence, they tend to be better fast driver. While on the other hand, a women cannot drive fast due to lagging behind in factors in which man is leading
  • Another interesting fact is woman can easily catch lies when a man speaks to them one on one because women are blessed with an enhancing clairvoyance; they judge opposite gender on the basis of 70% facial expressions, 20% body language and 10% words. This is the reason why man finds it difficult to lie in front of a woman while on the other hand, woman can easily lie in front of a man without even getting caught
  • Moreover, when a man faces a problem then he can classify this problem in to tiny pieces and then put them into different sections of his brain and then he finds solutions of these different sections of problems. While when it comes to a woman then she cannot classify her problems into smaller units; all she wants to do is pour her heart out to someone, once she is done with that then she becomes happy and no longer care for the solution afterwards
  • Another distinguishing factors between man and woman is their aspirations in life, man wants success, status, money and big proceeds in life while, contrastingly, woman wants family, friends and relations more in her life and gives more value to such things
  • Similarly, if a man is unhappy with his relations then he cannot concentrate on his other relations while if a woman is unhappy with her relations then she cannot focus on her work
  • Woman often use indirect references in language while a man uses direct speech. This is another that kind of  fact which causes compatibility problems between two genders
  • When it comes to handling emotions then it is said that woman talks a lot without thinking while when it comes to man then he acts a lot without thinking

Above are mentioned few of the many interesting and opposing facts about both genders according to the brain analysis which are being raved about a lot now-a-days.