Importance of Breakfast

Your brain is constantly developing, in your sleep it processes your memories and creates paths to information. While you are awake it absorbs everything around you, through all of your senses, and emotions. How do we keep our brain energized and functioning at the highest potential?

Breakfast! Since we were kids it has been preached that breakfast is most important meal of the day. Well there are numerous reasons why this has been drilled into your head your entire life.

As a child your brain needs constant level of nutrients to grow and develop properly. There are proven negative side effects to skipping breakfast as a child and as an adult. First of all there is a reason it is called breakfast. After sleeping and your brain complete proper maintenance you need to break –fast. You do not eat while you are sleeping therefore you are fasting, break that fast and reenergize your brain. Refill the nutrients it did not receive while you were sleeping. You will be more efficient in everything you do therefore getting you further ahead in your day to day routine. If you are skipping breakfast to skip the calories you are doing yourself an injustice.

Healthy Breakfast With Honey

If you are skipping breakfast to skip the calories you are doing yourself an injustice

By skipping breakfast your body gets in a bad habit of storing calories since the routine of breaking fast has been interrupted. Obesity is linked, strongly, to skipping breakfast. The intake of regular food is also needed for the regularity of metabolism. By skipping breakfast your metabolism slows down so that you are not experiencing hunger pains until lunch and to distribute the stored nutrients more equally. So when you skip breakfast your weight loss is actually hindered. If you eat a good breakfast every morning you give your body a jump start. Metabolism starts moving and your energy is increased.

Those who choose to skip breakfast usually snack on higher calories to ward off the hunger feeling. They also tend to eat more calories at lunch and dinner because your body still needs a regular amount of calories whether you shove it all into one meal the way it is meant to be equally throughout the three meals and healthy snacks. Breakfast will give you more energy than that extra fifteen minutes of sleep you get by skipping it every day.

Just because the snooze button is convenient it really does not need to be abused on a daily basis. Breakfast will give you the energy you need and really is better for you in many ways than another snooze button cycle; especially if breakfast is a regular routine instead of a random birthday surprise. Not having time for breakfast is quite the lame excuse to skip such an important meal.

A good breakfast can consist of simply pouring milk onto some cereal. Many types of breakfasts can be prepared the night before. Blend a smoothie and stick it into the fridge so you can grab it and enjoy on your way to work. Pre-mix pancake or waffle mix for the week, so all you have to do is spray your pan and brown it to your taste. Toast and a banana is a great breakfast especially accompanied by a glass of milk, and no prep work needed. Toaster waffles quite literally take 2 minutes! That includes the time it takes to get them out of the freezer. There is always time to do the things we consider important, we just have to make it happen.

Once there is an understanding of how important breakfast is we can start living as such. If you do not want to eat breakfast for whatever stubborn reason you are set upon, do so for your children. Do as I say not as I do parenting does not usually have great outcomes therefore if your children get to see you eat breakfast no matter what the morning has in store, they are more likely to develop the better eating habit of doing so themselves. Habits are hard to break so they will most likely be a breakfast eater for like. Thanks to you! Their brain will properly develop and their weight will be much easier to manage throughout life. Besides eating breakfast with your children just gives you one more opportunity to bond with your children, knowing what they like about mornings and what they do not like for breakfast. These are the important moments in life so why not take advantage of the opportunity to be that much closer to the little people we create.