How to Increase Fertility in Men

Male fertility can depend largely on modifiable factors, such as diet, lifestyle, sexual habits, and occupational exposures. In some cases, simple changes can increase male fertility. Other causes of reduced fertility may take more extensive corrective measures to restore fertility in men. Follow these steps to help increase sperm count and general health and optimize your chances of increasing fertility.


How to Increase Fertility in Men

Method 1
Minimize Physical and Chemical Fertility Interference

Certain occupational habits or requirements and dress choices may cause physical interferences with male fertility. Temperature, exposure to environmental toxins, and certain clothing habits can reduce fertility.

Avoid restrictive clothing. Tight underwear or pants, athletic or swim spandex materials, and harness gear that cuts of circulation to the groin area may interfere with male fertility by harming sperm production or weakening the quality of sperm.

Limit exposure to harmful chemicals or rays. Exposure to heavy metals, radiation or x-rays, and pesticides have been shown to decrease sperm production and even cause infertility in men.

  • If possible, avoid exposure to these elements, wear protective gear, and limit physical contact with and inhalation of the chemicals.

Maintain an appropriate temperature in the groin region. Long periods of sitting, regular sessions in a hot tub or sauna, and wearing overly warm or snug clothing can cause the scrotum to overheat, reducing sperm count and thus, limiting male fertility. Avoid these situations to increase the likelihood that sperm count will remain at a healthy level.
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