Why I Kicked My Keurig To The Curb – After Seeing This You May Never Drink From One Again

What busy person doesn’t love the idea of having a personal cup of coffee instantly with the push of a button. Many people are delighted when the Keurig machines show up in the workplace or doctor’s waiting room. I loved the idea. I bought one from Costco along with the handy unit to store those awkward K Cups. I, of course, insisted on the Newman’s Organic K Cups for my coffee choice.

We stocked our hot beverage center with a variety of flavored K Cups.

Then That Little Voice In My Head Started Asking Questions

I pushed those concerns away for the sake of convenience. After all, filling my own coffee filter with fresh ground coffee takes all of what … two minutes? I’m a busy person – just like you!

keurig machine and k cups

I wondered:

  1. How fresh is the coffee in a K Cup?
  2. How fresh is the coffee in a K Cup?
  3. What toxins am I exposing myself to as the hot water forces the coffee through the little holes poked in the plastic cup?
  4. What is that lid made of that is poked at the top to allow the water to enter the cup?
  5. What chemicals are used in the flavored coffee selections?
  6. Is there a filter inside the plastic cup? What is it made of and how is it secured inside the plastic cup?

If you own a Keurig, please continue reading this post because what I discovered is shocking and sickening. This will explain why I am kicking my Keurig to the curb.

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