Memory Boosting Fruits

“Wait, what’s that fruit called again?”

Four fruits that help boost your memory:
Can’t remember where you parked your car? What time was that meeting, again? What was the title of that book?  Time can take its toll on the human brain. With a fast moving lifestyle, how can one help stop grandfather time? Many pharmaceutical companies spend millions in trying to come up with a way to enhance the human brain, but sometimes the solution can be as close as your local market. While some vitamins offer some support in memory enhancement, why not choose the natural route? You might be asking yourself, how can I improve my memory? Sure, you could probably pay for a website geared toward sharpening that important tool. Why do that when you can just eat a snack? Does this sound too good? It’s not. Scientists have completed countless hours of research on proper diets, and perhaps the key to longevity does not come in the form of a pill. What if the answer to memory enhancement is so simple, you might already be doing it without even knowing it?

Apples Blueberries Cherries Grapes

Apples Blueberries Cherries Grapes

Every day, people around the world grapple with the inevitable brain fart, or the ever-so-annoying ‘drawing a blank.’ They always seem to come at the most inopportune time. Over time, our bodies gradually decline in ability. Unfortunately, so does the mind. Research has been conducted that revealed certain fruits may possess the ability to wind back the clock in the process of brain aging. Can’t remember what they are? While the research may be new, the knowledge of the benefits of fruit has been passed down for many generations. While, not all fruit may have this unique ability to increase memory, here are four common fruits that CAN help you unlock the door to a better memory, and a better you!

These are more than just ingredients in your grandmother’s muffins. Packed with anthocyanin, a wonderful phytochemical with memory boosting abilities, blueberries may possess the key to remember where you put your keys! Able to be eaten by just themselves, or in a recipe of your choice, blueberries are a very easy way to get started down the path to a better memory!

Johnny Appleseed had the solution all along. Apples are wonderful in taste, and they can help beat Alzheimer’s disease? Needing an antioxidant fix? Apples can not only help roll back the effect of aging, with good levels of quercetin, they can also stop advancement in Alzheimer’s disease. While some might think, just drink apple juice, the real value might be missed this way. The location of the highest concentration of antioxidants in apples is usually in the skin, so do be sure to eat the skin! These fruits are easily accessible year round, are low in cost, and high in value!

What goes best on top of a nice, thick milkshake? Of course, the cherry. What you may know is that these treats contain anthocyanin. Next time you order that cocktail, do NOT forget the cherry. These tasty fruits can be used in many different recipes, or just eaten from the stem. While there are different types of cherries, they all may be beneficial.

This fruit is not so sour, is it? These bad boys can help the aging mind with a combination of quercetin and anthocyanin. All varieties of grapes can be beneficial and tasty. Now, you may be wondering if the product of grapes can have the same value, perhaps some wine?  The answer is yes, wine can be beneficial in increasing your memory, just be sure to not overdo it.

These fruits offer simple approaches to help the ailing memory that are not only cost effective, they taste great! Perhaps you noticed a common link in these fruits. That deep color of anthocyanin is an easy solution of picking the correct fruits. The benefits of such fruit can help you cope with the occasional forgetfulness, but you do have to remember to buy them next time you are shopping for groceries. Of course there are other benefits to these foods that go beyond memory enhancement.  Perhaps down the line, drug companies may find a pill to do the trick. Mother Nature has already put the power in your hands. Unlocking your brain’s potential is as simple as eating one of these tasty snacks.

These four fruits may help you unlock the power of your memory, and all you have to do is eat a snack!