Migraine Reliever Drink

People may refer to migraines as intense headaches, but it is much more complex than that. In many cases, people have reported to have blurry vision, sensitivity to light, loud noises and even smells; many feel nausea while suffering from migraines. So migraines alone aren’t just intense headaches, for many, these side effects come along for several hours. The intensity and length of the migraines differs from person to person and other symptoms also vary. It has a negative impact on your social as well as personal life.There are many different types of migraines and WHO keeps a record of the classification of migraines which was updated in 2004. Each region of the world suffers from specific types of migraines summarized by the International Headache Society. Then again, one must know how to differentiate headaches from migraines. Migraines seem to have worse effects and many other side effects, whereas headaches are much simpler in nature and easily treatable.

Migraine Reliever Drink

Causes of migraines:
As discussed earlier that the symptoms of course vary from person to person as well as region to region. It is also pretty hard to get to the main cause of migraines for it also differs. People till now believe that there is no known cause of migraine except for the very obvious one, that is, genetic. It has been seen being transferred to the next generation. Yet, a few facts or characteristics present in most of the sufferers of migraines include malnutrition, high level of stress, hormonal changes in women, insomnia, alcohol, drugs and the present environment. These few factors seem to have grasped most of the migraine patients all seem to show if not all then at least a few of these visible health issues. Hence, one must take good care of his health in order to escape the torture that migraines may impose on a person.

Cure for migraine:

Since migraine is no easy health issue, one shrives to find the perfect cure for it. Unfortunately, the allopathic medical industry seems to have failed in doing to and yet need time to figure out a better and more efficient cure. Then again, when it comes to nature, it provides us with an answer to our calls and helps us through every problem in the easiest way possible. Today again, nature comes in handy while giving you a solution so easy and pure to get rid of migraine or at least control it to great extends. Here we offer the recipe of a delicious drink to help you get control of the situation. Thought it works efficiently on headaches, it has also shown marvelous effects on patients of migraines. Then again, since the intensity and time period as well as type of migraine varies from patient to patient, we suggest you try it twice or thrice and then judge for yourself if it suits you well.

Recipe of a wonder drink:
All the ingredients are lying in your kitchen already and you don’t have to run around town to get anything. An easy tip before we describe the recipe is to drink a lot of water to keep you hydrated. In most cases keeping your water level stable it helps prevent migraines at many risky times. When it comes to headaches and migraines, experts have confirmed that dehydration plays a role in arousing them and setting their intensity as well. Also, keep your diet balanced by making use of organic ingredients as well as citrus fruits. They help clear out the liver and encourage detoxifying processes.


  • One cup of pineapple juice mixed with 4 sticks of celery juice.
  • One cucumber
  • 10 leaves of Swiss chard
  • 4 tablespoons lemon juice or any other citrus juice according to taste

Blend in all the ingredients well; it takes less than 2 minutes. Make sure it is one smooth mixture. It should taste sweet and a bit tangy and that’s the right flavor. Also, try drinking it three times a day with breakfast, lunch and dinner. For this purpose you would have to have your meals at the proper times so that you may take this drink before the meal. Drink it on an empty stomach, almost ten or fifteen minutes before your meal. If you feel that it really is bringing a great difference, you might also prepare the drink at the time of the migraine pain.

This drink is made from all fresh ingredients and one readily enjoys it. So consult your nutritionist while bringing this change in your diet because he or she can better judge if you might be at risk of acidity or some disorder with the ingredients present. Over all it is liked by many people and it has no side effects, that it the best part. This wonder drink keeps your body metabolism high and the patient high and perky.