Natural Remedies for Gallbladder Stones

Stone in gallbladder is one of the very common diseases which requires special attention when triggered. There are numerous ways to cure this epidemic and get rid of the gallstones but nothing could be more attractive in the name of an apt treatment than addressing this issue naturally or by means of nature because nature is innocuous and causes no side effects. However, it is very important to know the basics of this disease before getting your hands on to it; hence, it is of paramount importance to have sufficient and substantial know-how about the topic of gallbladder and gallstones before you start treating this disease yourself.

Gallbladder Stones

Gallbladder is a sac which is located in our body just beneath the liver. Gallbladder is used to store and play around bile which is produced by liver. The produced bile contains cholesterol and other fluids which if produced in substantial quantity, could result into stones in gallbladder also known as gallstones. These gallstones can be as small as a sand grain or can be as huge as a ping pong ball. Most of the time, gallstones do not cause any problem for the person who have them unless or until they start blocking the internal duct. In this case, it is important to cure this disease because the stones in gallbladders have started to intervene with the internal cross functioning of the human body.  There could be many reasons which cause gallstones but the most common ones are related to obese people who are already overweight or they could also be formed quickly in those people who want to lose their weight as soon as possible. Whatever the reason behind gallstone is, it is very critical to pay heed to it if it causes obstruction or problem in your body.

Now we will be looking at the general symptoms of stones in gallbladder as all of this and above mentioned knowledge is important to grasp before opting out for natural remedies of this disease. If you have pain at the upper left corner of your stomach or mild tease which, later, will spread towards your shoulder then the possible reason behind this sequence of pain could be gallstones. Apart from that, if you have chest pains which feel like heart attack even then gallstones could be the cause. Furthermore, if the white areas of your eyes turn pallid or you have sever pains in your belly then, ideally, you should instantly contact your doctor because they might be happening due to the gallstones or infected gallbladder. The severity of pain depends upon the extent up to which gallstone has blocked your bile duct. Therefore, it ultimately becomes very crucial to treat the causes of such effects before they go out of hands.

However, if you think you can treat this problem of gallstones yourself by opting out for a natural way out then you do not need to consult your doctor unless you feel shaky about your decision. There are different natural ways to treat gallstones. The most common ones are mentioned below:

  • Lemon juice is one effective way to treat this disease. All you need to do is, get a cup or glass along with fresh lemons. Squeeze at least four lemons and get their juice into that cup or glass and then drink it for at least one week. This is a good natural way to treat gallstones
  • Herbal tea is another potent treatment for this disease. Get 3 or 4 leaves of St. John Wort, put them in water and then boil for a while to get your herbal tea ready to drink
  • Citrus fruits also help a lot in addressing the gallstones. So whenever possible, eat such fruit as much as you can during the disease
  • Amalgamated spoon of turmeric and honey can also go very handy in treating and getting rid of such gallstones
  • Vegetable juices especially of carrots and cucumber are very effective in treating stones of gallbladder. What is required from you? Drink such juice twice a day for a week unless your stones shrink in size or simply go away
  • Fiber rich food is also very useful in eliminating cholesterol from your body which is the main cause of developing stones in gallbladder. You can control and reduce the quantity of cholesterol in  your body through fiber enrich food items
  • Consumption of half glass of wine could also work against stones causing elements but bear in mind that you should not over drunk yourself because it could turn up into a harmful thing for you

Above mentioned are few of the natural treatments that act very effectively in treating gallstones but if your symptoms keep on showing or appearing then it is best suited for you to consult your doctor. May be the reason behind such symptoms could be something else and not gallstones. Therefore, bear in mind as a food for thought that first you should get conformation of your gallstones from the doctor before applying any natural treatment on them.