Why You NEED to Give Up ALL Gluten for 90 Days to Treat Autoimmune Disease Effectively

Don’t get me wrong…

Going Gluten Free is a huge first step in improving your health, especially if you’ve been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. BUT and this is a huge but, it may not be enough by itself…

and here’s why:

Autoimmunity is a complex disease where your body mistakes your own tissue as foreign and your white blood cells relentlessly attack it with the goal to destroy it!

I’ve learned the hard way in treating both my wife and mother with Hashimoto’s just how complicated treatment can be.

Why You NEED to Give Up ALL Gluten for 90 Days to Treat Autoimmune Disease Effectively

The goal of everything you do to treat your autoimmune disease should be to reduce the inflammation in your body and the immune attack on your own tissue.

If your treatment isn’t targeted at either of those, then you’re doing it wrong.

And that’s why going Gluten free works so well, right?

Well, sort of…

Going gluten free is a step in the right direction for many people, because as you probably know gluten sensitivity means your body is sensitive to the gluten protein.

You are probably already aware that there’s a huge crossover in people who have celiac’s disease AND autoimmune disease so why isn’t it enough to eliminate it from your diet?

Reason 1 

You’re Doing it Wrong (You gave up gluten but kept in snacks and fake breads, you’re still eating hidden gluten and causing inflammation)

Don’t get down on yourself. You should be congratulated for even taking this step towards better health!


The truth is that many people who go “gluten free” are actually doing it wrong.

Here are a few quick ways to know if you are doing gluten free the wrong way:

  1. You avoid breads, but you don’t look for gluten in other products (soy sauce, hot dogs, lipstick, toothpaste – these all have gluten in them!)
  2. You avoid sweets with gluten in them, but you still buy gluten free pastries, cake mixes, brownie mixes, ice cream, etc.
  3. You did a great job taking out gluten but you still aren’t eating vegetables! That’s 5-9 servings per day!
  4. You are gluten free 95% of the time but you make exceptions for your favorite foods – even though it makes your stomach hurt afterwards!
  5. You went gluten free for 4 weeks but didn’t notice a difference so you went back to eating it again.

Does any of these sound familiar? If so you are probably doing gluten free the wrong way.

Here’s the truth:

In certain people, and not just those with Celiac’s disease, gluten is a highly inflammatory food.

That means it amps up your immune system and puts your body into a state of being hyper alert. When it’s in this stage, you’re now set up to accidentally attack your own body in what’s called autoimmunity.

Gluten is unfortunately the ringleader in this process and that’s why it’s so critical to completely remove it from your body!

That means:

  1. You must COMPLETELY avoid gluten for at least 3 months – a trial period of 1 month will not do it.
  2. Look for it everywhere and don’t make any assumptions – it’s hiding in the weirdest places (like the examples above).
  3. No cheating! Even a little bit of gluten amps your immune system back up in a hurry.
  4. Eating healthy means eating fruits and vegetables…
  5. That also means – gluten free junk food is still just junk food.

Try out these recommendations before you make the assumption that going gluten free didn’t work for you.

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