Have No Time And Need To Poop Right Away? Here’s How To Do It

Everyone knows that feeling when you’re out for a long period of time and really need to go number two. Sometimes you think to yourself “Darn, I wish I would have just went before leaving the house!” Or maybe you’ve just been on the toilet for a lot longer than you should be. Whatever the scenario, here are a few tips to help you get that poop flowin’ when you need to get goin’.

correct way to poop

1. Make sure to consume adequate amounts of fiber.

Doctors from the University of California San Francisco recommend 25-30g of fiber per day, so make sure to eat your veggies!

2. Poop in a squatting position.

Believe it or not, pooping in the proper position makes a huge difference. One easy way to put yourself into a squat-like position is to slide a stool beneath your feet while you’re taking care of business on the throne.

Poop in a squatting position.

3. Make sure to drink enough water.

Believe it or not, chronic constipation can be due to a lack of fluid consumption. Drink more water, and liquids in general, to resolve that problem.

4. Drink a nice warm cup of coffee

Provided that you’re maintaining proper levels of hydration (that’s where #3 comes in), consuming caffeine can actually help ease bowel movements.

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