Purslane Is Not Just A Weed

Purslane or Portulaca oleracea is also known as moss rose, parsley, red root, little hogweed, pigweed and verdolaga.It`s considered like a common weed to a lot of people that can even be growing in our garden right now, without any invitation. Succulent and soft purslane leaves are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. You can find more of these acids in This plant than in the fish oils. If you are vegetarian or vegan and pledge to avoid animal products, then – purslane is the answer.

Take and use this dark-green leafy and healthy vegetable and you will forget fish!


Purslane was until now unrecognized health-boosting plant

This plant is widely grown in a lot of European and Asian countries as a staple leafy vegetable.

Its leaves are thick with slightly salty and sour taste.

Leaves and tender stems from purslane are edible.

Its yellow flower buds are favored especially in salads.

Its seeds are used to make herbal drinks.

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