Quick And Easy – Remove Fat Tissue In A Completely Natural Way

If you have fat tissue that bothers you and you every day think about how to remove it, but you are not ready to going to surgery. To remove fat tissue there is a solution, which natural recipes offer us, and for whose removal you will not have to undergo to an operation.

Of course, we recommend that you seek for expert diagnosis because surgery, or some other methods are not necessary, if you have a lipoma, which doesn’t make real physical problems, and are small in size.


Dermatologists in this case recommend natural methods of treatment. The recipe that has helped many people, and whose effectiveness is indisputable is really a mixture of honey and flour.

Recipe No.1:

Make a uniformed mixture with flour and honey and put it in a place where you have fat tissue. Preferably, apply 0.5 to 1 cm thick layer of the mixture. Place a paper napkin, handkerchief or gauze over it so that the mixture does not stick to your clothing.

Keep this medication on the fat tissue a day and a half, meaning it needs 36 hours for the mixture to work. When 36 hours pass remove the mixture and apply it again. Do this for 7-8 days, and then will your tissue will burst and the fester will all come out.

Recipe No. 2:

It requires two bee stings directly on the affected area, after which the adipose tissue, after seven days the tissue will disappear. This method has been known for many years, and is a very efficient method of removing body fat.

How to do it:

In order to manage this, you should take a bee with tweezers, facing the sting towards the place where your fat is and then let the bee sting you. There is no need to be afraid of the bite, because it really is not so painful. However, if you are allergic to stings from bees, do not do this, because there will be a variety of complications and even hospitalization. Continue On Next Page..

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