Side effects of Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew is one of the most popular modern drinks around the world, and fans of the drink have developed an almost cult-like affection towards it.

However, the serious issue concerning this drink is the fact that it is so regularly consumed and people are not aware of what it is made up of and the effect it is having on their health.

This article’s aim is to share some important facts about the consumption of this drink in order to prevent the potential deterioration of your health.

Mountain Dew

These 4 facts will undoubtedly convince you to stop consuming Mountain Dew: #3 will Shock you


According to children’s dentist Dr. Terri Winn, Mountain Dew is the third most acidic soft drink, behind only Coke and Pepsi.For comparison, one of the least acidic beverages available is unsweetened tea, which has a pH level of 7.2, while one of the most acidic substances, battery acid, has a pH level of 1. Mountain Dew is a lot closer to battery acid than unsweetened tea in terms of acidity, having a pH level of 3.2

GMO Ingredients

Normally, since it produces it, Pepsi must reassure you that the consumption of Mountain Dew is completely safe, and that it’s ingredients are not harmful to your health.

However, it is always better to see and decide for yourself. Here, we give you the list of Mountain Dew’s ingredients:

  • GMO corn and soy
  • BVO (which is banned in EU and Japan)
  • BPA
  • Sodium benzoate (this preservative has a strong reaction to vitamin C in Dew and creates carcinogens)
  • Yellow dye (produced from coal tar)

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