Simple Tips To Maintain Healthy Vaginal Hygiene

Avoid Soaps And Hygiene Washes

The vagina is extremely sensitive and harsh chemicals contained in these fancy scented soaps and hygiene washes disrupt the natural pH balance that has to be maintained at a 3.5-4.5 level so that bacteria do not breed. Wash with plain water to clean the vagina.

Simple Tips To Maintain Healthy Vaginal Hygiene

Avoid Feminine Sprays And Douches

These sprays that claim to change the smell of the vagina are chock full of chemicals and result in washing out the healthy bacteria that helps to maintain the vagina free from infections and fungus. Opt for essential oils like rose, lemongrass etc mixed with water to spray on if it is a must for you.

Maintain Hygiene During Periods

It is extremely important that you stay clean and healthy during your period, as there is a chance for increased infections. Change your tampons and pads frequently and do not use panty liners every day of the month as this could lead to skin irritations. Opt for a menstrual cup instead of tampons. These are rubber cups inserted into the vagina to catch the blood and rinsed out every few hours. Chemical free and environment friendly, these do not irritate skin or disrupt pH balance.

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