Sitting for Too Long Is Bad for Your Health

In this world of technology; computer, play stations, mobiles and television one can sit for hours on the same sofa or chair in the same position. During working hours, much is spent on chair either working on computer or writing something. Accounting, programming, managing files, reading, making projects and discussing work with colleagues may take hours and you do that while sitting in the same position. No doubt, in between you do take a tea break or go to the next counter to drink water but calculating and understanding the proper precautionary measures are necessary. It is very easy for a person working on computer or writing something to stay in that one pose for eight to nine working hours on a daily basis and not even realizing its adverse effects.

It is quite strange that time flies when you submerge into the real world. Your work and studies are the far most necessary things to you, neglecting the bad effects of it on your health. 21st century is quite inactive in a sense that machines are available for every purpose. There are many bad effects on health by sitting constantly in same position almost every day. The problems that once can face are:

seating for long

Obesity- Logically it is quite obvious, sitting for a long time at one place and taking snacks can add to your body fat as you do not waste energy on locomotion. The inactivity burns fewer calories, the problem is when you move less you do not consume less calories; consumption is same as a regular day when you move. No one would like to get obese as it is a serious trouble that may lead to many other problems.

There are certain cells in the body that changes itself to fat cells when put under pressure. Here, by pressure means the constant mechanical stress that is applied on the body by sitting in one position for hours. These cells are preadipocyte cells that are designed to be converted to the fat cells. Researchers have shown that under constant mechanical stress they convert much faster to the fat cells.

Diabetes and Heart Disease- It is quite clear above that some normal cells can convert to fat cells. The results may not only be obesity. Those fat cells can deposit in the blood vessels causing heart disease. Healthy heart is the in the active body. One must understand the fact that oversleeping that is also one of the inactive states of the body can cause a heart problem so similarly sitting and working for hours on the chair in one position can also make your heart weak. No doubt, even if you are working on a laptop in office; your mind is actually working and body is in tension, moreover after hours it will be really uncomfortable and tired.

One of the other problems caused is diabetes. Research has shown that type 2 Diabetes developed in the people who sit for many hours daily in one position. Diabetes is another dangerous factor that adds to many other illnesses.

Cancer- The strange thing is you can’t even imagine that sitting can cause cancer. Everything these days are somehow related to cancer or play a role in activation of oncogenes such as rays of mobile phones and microwaves etc. But it is true that sitting for long in one position in routine can cause cancer. Unbelievable! Right? The American Institute for Cancer Research showed in a recent conference that many cases of breast cancer and colon cancer are somehow related to inactivation.

All these problems are serious and proved to have a relation with inactivity. Cancer, diabetes, heart problems and obesity are all related to many other illnesses. This shows that inactivity overall shortens the life span of an individual who is careless and do not consider health as the first priority. Saying “ health is wealth” presents a very strong concept, your brain that works on computer while writing and working won’t be useful if you will no longer be able to sit and write something due to unhealthy body.

It is advised to take break after every 50- 60 minutes. Break not at all means to take rest. It means to go for a small walk; 5-10 minute walk will do well. The solution is not to leave computers, televisions or other devices. It is just not to over exhaust yourself and your body by stretching time in front of them.

The National Health and Nutrition Survey have published many research journals in which it is shown that even slight care that includes a walk even hardly for minute can reduce waistline, could improve insulin resistance and increases the levels of good cholesterol. One must keep in mind that health is important, take a break during work; take a walk, stretch yourself a bit and take a drink.