Some More Home Remedies for Baldness

Baldness refers to the hair loss from the body especially the head. It is commonly observed among the males and some females also get affected by it. Everyday a person loses around hundred hairs on average. It is a normal hair fall which is not alarming but if the quantity of falling hairs increases from average then it is an alarming situation to get worried about. The excessive hair fall results in the thinning of hairs and appearance of bald patches on the head.

Causes of Baldness
Baldness usually occurs after the age of twenty five especially among the males due to certain reasons which are as under:

  • Stress
  • Infections
  • Medication
  • Lack of nutritious diet
  • Water and air pollution

The above factors are mostly responsible for the cause of baldness.


Stress is a major factor that causes hair loss because it minimizes the blood circulation in the body especially the hair follicles and resultantly makes the hairs weakened gradually.

The infections on hair scalp caused due to fungus also triggers the hair fall if not controlled timely.

The intake of medicines for heart diseases, diabetes, controlling cholesterol and blood pressure can be a cause of a temporary or permanent hair loss. Those medicines which affect the hormonal balance in the body like acne medicines also cause baldness. It is commonly observed that the cancer patients lose their hairs after chemotherapy.

Lack of Nutritious Diet
The deficiency of certain essential nutrients from the human body like iron and zinc causes hair thinning and hair fall. It normally occurs by limited food intake and poor nutrition. The excess of Vitamin A and fats in the diets also causes hair loss and such diets are the fast foods and fried food.

Water and Air Pollution

The scalp can be damaged due to water and air pollution. The unhealthy scalp results in hair loss. The environmental toxins that reach the hairs through water and air exposure cause hair fall. The toxins block the hair follicles and stop the hair growth which leads to baldness.

Baldness is not dangerous to health or life of a person but it may cause an inferiority complex in a person affected by it due to some social issues. There are certain ways by which baldness can be got rid of in this technologically advanced modern world. These ways are hair surgery also known as hair transplant and medication but it gets very costly and unaffordable to majority of the people while adopting these ways. There is no need to go for the adaptation of such expensive ways to prevent baldness when there are a number of home remedies that can be very useful for baldness and they actually works.

Home Remedies for Baldness
There are some important and very useful home remedies which facilitates hair re-growth. These home remedies are as under:

  • Rubbing the Scalp
    By rinsing the scalp with pores of the fingers and by rubbing it rigorously makes it clean during hair washing. It helps in the cleaning of dust particles that gets attached with the scalp and take a greasy form. The rubbing process triggers the circulation of blood and it reaches hair follicles easily thus making the hairs strong.
  • Applying Coconut Milk
    Coconut milk can be prepared by grinding the coconut and squeezing it well. The application of coconut milk into the scalp in a way that it reaches the hair roots easily and nourishes them reduces hair fall and makes the hairs stronger than before.
  • Applying Onion and Garlic along with Honey
    Onion and garlic are both sulphur rich vegetables which make them beneficial to cure patchy baldness. By rubbing sliced onion and garlic on the affected area until it becomes red, after that rubbing it with honey gives a good result to prevent baldness if this process is repeated at least twice daily for a considerable time period.
  • Mustard Oil and Henna Leaves
    Henna leaves should be boiled in a cup of mustard oil. After boiling, the oil needs to be filtered through a cloth into a flask or bottle so that the left over leaves get separated from the oil. The extracted oil should be massaged regularly into the scalp to vitalize the hair growth. After some period, a clear result can be seen with abundant hair growth.
  • Using Margosa Leaves
    The Margosa leaves are very useful to kill lice and other infectious fungus from the hair scalp and as a result they make the hair stronger and longer. The Margosa leaves should be squeezed and crushed to make a paste and the paste should be applied on the affected bald area. It resultantly reduces the hair fall and vitalizes hair growth.
  • Olive Oil and Egg
    The eggs are another rich source of sulphur which strengthens the hair. If egg is mixed in olive oil and the mixture is applied on the bald patches in head than it works magic and keeps the hair healthy and strong. This mixture should be applied regularly to prevent baldness.
  • Amla
    Amla is very rich in Vitamin C which is an essential element for hair growth. It should be rubbed on the affected area gently twice a day for a considerable time period. It can also be eaten to make the body sufficient with Vitamin C supply. Using Amla is a useful remedy for baldness which actually works.

It can be concluded by saying that adopting the above mentioned home remedies is a cheap and useful way to prevent baldness and these remedies actually works. One should adopt these remedies instead of going for expensive medical treatments for baldness.

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Image courtesy: Flickr, Dave