Surprising Uses for Vicks Vaporub

Vicks is one of the oldest over the counter decongestants which have been available in the market for over 100 years. It is very effectively used to treat head, throat and chest stuffiness. Moms tend to use it to deal with cold in their children as it is one of the must-haves in the aid box of mothers.

Vicks is basically mentholated topical cream which works and effects on the receptors of nose and chest and also, works very impressively in curing cold among children. Apart from that, do you know there are many other surprising uses of Vicks vaporub as well? If not then it’s ok because we are now going to shed some lights on few of the very exciting, interesting and unusual uses of this cream. Henceforth, let’s now look at the other surprising uses of Vicks in below section:

Relief Sore and Achy Muscles

Vicks can be very effectively used to appease sore and over-worked muscles as it contains eucalyptus oil which, in turn, affects very well on the sore areas of body. All you need to do is, get a reasonable portion of Vicks on your hand and then apply it on the concerned muscles; after having done this, you would realize instant relief. Though pain killers tend to be more effective in getting rid of sore muscles but Vicks is also considered to be a good alternative to such pain killers.

Vicks Vaporub

Got Nail Fungus? Use Vicks

If you have ugly fungus on your nails then do not worry because the solution lies right here in a small blue bottle of your Vicks Vaporub. You can apply Vicks on the fungus growth areas of your nails; these areas would turn dark initially then will grow out. This is one of the very simple and effective ways to treat your fungus oriented nails without spending any hefty amounts on manicure and pedicure. However, bear in mind that you would have to keep using Vicks for at least 2 weeks straight in order to fully get rid of any other fungus bacteria’s on your nail beds.

Stop Cats from Scratching Via Vicks

Those who have cats they know that how difficult it is to keep the furniture and other hard things from the scratches of cat. As we all know that cats love to scratch hard surfaces as a result everything literally every hard thing in your house has a cat scratch on it. You can prevent your cat from doing so by applying Vicks on the hard surfaces of your things as cats do not like smell of Vicks therefore, they will stay away from your stuff and also, do not scratch them. However, this tip will work until or unless your cat gets use to the smell of it because afterwards it would not be of any use.

Shoo Away Pets For Pee-Pee

If you have got pets at home or you are that kind of person who loves and adores pets but the frequent problem you face while in love is, throwing out your favorite rugs and mats with heavy heart out of the house due to the lack of potty training in them. Hmm, now you do not need to worry anymore because you can apply Vicks Vaporub on your rugs, mats and other stuff in order to keep you dogs and other pets away from that territory for potty. But then again, this tip will work up to the time until when your pets do not get used to the smell of it.

Get Rid of Headaches

Another very effective use of Vicks is in getting rid of headaches. All you are required to do is, get a small portion of Vicks on your hand then rub it on your head and temples in order to ease and relieve the headache. After a while you would realize an instant relief. This is one simple and effective use of Vicks in situation when you run short of pain killers and pain reliefs.

Vicks Humidifier

In west people tend to use vaporizers and humidifiers during cold nights of winters. Now you can add your Vicks in to that humidifier to keep the room warm and also, to keep your nasal unblocked. However, you have to ensure that your humidifier contains an aromatherapy compartment before opting out for this usage. Another thing which you are required to bear in mind, when you are using Vicks humidifier then keep your windows and air conditioners closed in order to avoid any situation and condition of uneasiness.

Heal Paper Cuts and Splinters

You can also use Vicks to heal paper cuts and splinters on your hands as it tends to work amazingly fast on such splinters due to its ingredients. However, bear in mind that Vicks would also cause some burn on the paper cuts while rubbing but I think it is ok to bear this pain instead of having a scab.