This Tea Will Keep You Out Of the Gynecologist’s Office

For hundreds of years before the advent of modern medicine, women used the natural resources around them to treat illness and promote health and physical well-being. There was no such thing as a doctor who specialized in a womens’ needs for them to turn to, so they made do with what they had. Lady’s Mantle is one such herb that helped many women treat themselves before the era of the drug store.


Lady’s Mantle and Its Common Uses
Lady’s Mantle is an herb that contains a substantial amount of tannin which gives it astringent and styptic properties. These properties make Lady’s Mantle very useful, both topically and internally, as an aid in stopping blood flow caused by a wound, intestinal issues and female health concerns.

Treatment for Women’s Ailments
By now, it is common knowledge that what you put into your body will influence your pH balance and your overall female health condition. Lady’s Mantle, when consumed as a tea, can help keep that balance. While there is not an abundance of research on the use of Lady’s Mantle as a treatment for women’s health, the studies that have been done show that the anti-inflammatory and astringent properties are effective and should be included in further pharmaceutical research. In fact some researchers claim that the use of herbal remedies as medical treatments should be regarded as valid and true. Because of the commonly held belief among the scientific community that herbal remedies have effective treatment properties, there is a strong movement to further study various herbs and include them as legitimate treatment options.

How to Use Lady’s Mantle

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