The Amazing Health Benefits of Juicing Raw Cannabis (Marijuana) Leaves

Cannabis is a flowering plant that is found in Central Asia and South Asia. This genus is from the Family Cannabaceae. Marijuana or Marihuana is obtained from the plant Cannabis therefore the Cannabis is also known as Marijuana. It is obtained by selective breeding of dried flowers of Cannabis plants. There are many names for Marihuana (Spanish) in which few are Ganja (modern Indo-Aryan Language), weed, hemp, Marry Jane, pot, herb, grass.

There are many ways of using cannabis; the one with beneficial effects is to drink raw juice of leaves. There are two forms of cannabis that can be differentiated from the part of the plant that is used in their production. Marijuana is obtained from the dried leaves and flower heads. This plant is illegal in many parts of the world and its possession has an illegal status by the Government. From 1850-1942 marijuana was listed in the United States Pharmacopoeia and it was prescribed to the patients with labor pain, nausea and rheumatoid. Later in 1930, a campaign was conducted by the Anti- Narcotics Bureau to ban marijuana as they portrayed it as a powerful cause of addiction.

There are no such reports of dying or overdosing by marijuana. There is no such independent study that proves marijuana to be a cause of psycho-social problems (Dr. John Macleod of the University of Birmingham in the UK told Reuters Health).

Marijuana Leaves

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