The Goodness Of Honey

What can be a more perfect breakfast than honey on toast? Besides its taste bud tickling property, honey has enough nutrients to get you through the day and get rid of that lethargic feeling. The sweet tasting honey is ideal to maintain the glucose level of the body as it instantly gets absorbed in the blood and gives an energy boost.

Nature always blesses us with its miraculous products, and one such product is the golden colored honey. This sweet treat is available throughout the year and tastes its best when harvested fresh, especially in Summers and Fall. Honey is also known to be the best substitute for sugar, in fact it should be substituted with sugar, whenever possible.

Beekeeping practice for the production of honey is believed to be observed since 700 BC. In many cultures it is considered to be sacred and was used in religious ceremonies to praise the gods. It was used in cooking only by the rich, as in ancient times it was very expensive and rare, and only a few people could afford it. Finally with the discovery of refined sugar in the culinary world, the demand for honey declined and sugar became the cheap substitute for it.

The Goodness Of Honey

Image courtesy: Flickr, Siona Karen

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