Things you can do with a Toothpaste

You’ll be amazed to know how many benefits an ordinary toothpaste can provide. You can start considering your toothpaste a “Magic tube” because the miracles it can do for you are simply unbelievable.

The origin of toothpaste can be traced back to ancient Egyptian civilization when a mixture of myrrh, burned eggshells, pumice, ox-hoof ash and water was used for the first time to keep the teeth clean. The formulae got fame under the name of toothpaste in 1850s. The first collapsible toothpaste tube was introduced by Dr. Washington Sheffield in London in 1892. His son brought the idea from artists in Paris who used oil paints in metallic tubes. Later in 1896 Colgate and Company made the imitation of Sheffield’s collapsible tubes under the name of Colgate Ribbon Dental Cream.

toothpaste usage

The primary function of toothpaste is to maintain oral health; it keeps the cavities away and protects you from gum diseases. It is recommended to brush your teeth twice a day for at least 3 minutes. Ok! Enough with the use of toothpaste for teeth! It’s about time you take it out of your washroom and use it around your home. Don’t know how?

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