Think E-Cigarettes Are Safe? They are not! Electronic Cigarettes Harm The Lungs

So you think electronic cigarettes are a safe escape from tobacco cigarettes? Safe or not, one thing is for sure that they are here to stay. In fact, it only took them a year to double their sales and so far one out of every 5 smokers has tried e-cigarette in his quest of quitting tobacco smoking. Moreover, for the past few years the sales of the regular tobacco cigarettes have dropped up to 10%; some blame the increased federal tax while others hold e-cigarettes responsible for the decline.

E cigarettes

The credit goes to China for developing the e-cigarettes and introducing it to the US market in the year 2007. Today it is a billion dollar industry and it is suspected that over a period of a decade it will outsell tobacco cigarettes.

But the question that still remains unanswered is; “Is Electronic cigarette safe for human use?” So before you plan to buy one, here are some important facts for you.

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