This Hidden Food Ingredient Worsens Almost Every Chronic Health Condition

When I meet with a new patient for the first time I always ask myself; “What is the root cause(s) of their condition?” I treat a wide variety of patients who each present with a unique medical history and a corresponding set of symptoms as a result. Could it be hidden yeast in food making my patients sick? While many have previously been diagnosed with a specific disease or illness, it is the underlying factors for each unique case that are most important when determining any treatment program.

Hidden Food Ingredients

It is critical to not fall into the ‘symptom suppression trap’ by merely chasing each symptom as they emerge. Rather, by listening to what the body is saying by expressing these symptoms we will hear a very important story, and ultimately clues how to treat each condition at the root level. Similar to approaching a jigsaw puzzle, if we take each patient’s ‘puzzle pieces’ and begin to connect them we can gain a much larger, and clearer picture of their health.

I am often amazed at how many symptoms, and ultimately chronic health conditions, stem from an imbalance and/or disturbance in the gastro-intestinal system. Affectionately known as ‘the Gut’, the gastrointestinal system is fundamental to our health. One of my favorite professors always said; “Life & death begins in the colon”. I continue to be reminded of this phrase everyday in practice as I piece together different health puzzles.

Many of my patients show dramatic improvements once the root causes of their symptoms are addressed, and many of these issues actually begin in their gut. Symptoms such as chronic fatigue, skin issues, persistent infections, chronic joint pain, and reduced mental clarity (brain fog), headaches, and even dandruff often begin in the intestine. What is the common issue plaguing gut health? YEAST. Often, it’s the hidden yeast in food. While there can be many pathogenic (disease causing) microbes hiding out in our small intestine, it is more often than not that I see a yeast overgrowth as the main culprit of chronic health issues.

All that being said, did you know that certain yeast strains are actually part of a HEALTHYintestinal system? However, like most things on this planet – it’s the dose that is the poison. Even water in excess can be problematic! So, why does something that is labeled ‘healthy’ deemed to be the cause of so many problems? We are often at the hand of our own demise.

Most of our current diet and lifestyle factors are posing enormous stress on our intestinal milieu/microflora. Think of this as a melting pot of good and bad bugs all mixed together – all in one playground. Too many bullies and chaos ensues. What we eat, drink, breathe and think all have the ability to heal or harm our body, starting with our GI system. An unhealthy gut is the leading instigator for most chronic illnesses present today. There are a number of factors at hand that are aiding and abetting yeast growth in the masses. Yeast overgrowth is quite common, but many people don’t know they have it and conventional doctors tend to ignore it. Don’t ignore your symptoms any longer!

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