Tips for Expelling Small Sized Kidney Stones without Surgeries

Kidneys are the pair of organs that along with the excretory role also takes part in the maintenance of blood pressure and formation of various hormones. Sometimes solid pieces form in the kidney due to the high concentration of the excretory products in the urine formed by the kidney. These solid pieces known as kidney stones can vary in sizes and shapes. The scientific name for the kidney stones is renal calculus. They can be as tiny as a sand grain or as big as a pearl. Formation of stones can take place as a result of various factors.

It can be due to the excess of calcium, oxalate and phosphorus in the urine. A certain diet can also enhance the kidney stone formation. Dehydrated People are at high risk of stone formation as dehydration lead to concentrated urine. This disorder is one of the most common in urinary diseases.  Approximately 10% people develop kidney stone at some part of their life. The ratio of this disorder is more common in men than women. This is because some female hormones prevent the formation of stones.


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