Tips for People who have Allergies

People all over the globe, struggle with different types of allergies. Some have pollen allergy while others are allergic to animal dander. Whatever the cause of the allergy may be, it is important to take some serious measures to avoid such conditions for a healthy life.

Firstly, it is important to understand the difference between allergens and irritants. Irritants are the substances that can be irksome such as chemical fumes, cigarette smoke, paper dust or perfume spray. Such substances do not put you to a health risk. Whereas, exposure to allergens can cause physical reactions in the body; this is because of the presence of unnatural proteins in the allergens.

Constant exposure to the allergens can weaken the immune system, so it is important to know what triggers your allergy.

Tips for People who have Allergies

As they say, “prevention is better than cure”, so here we have some preventive measures that you can take to help you keep your allergies away. Keep in mind that most of the allergies are treated in the similar way.

Tip no.1
If you have a bad allergy, avoid doing yard work as much as possible. Usually the pollen and mold is stirred up when you mow the lawn, especially in the pollen season. Even raking leaves can stir up allergens.

Tip no.2
If you spend the day outside while working or for any other reason, make sure you take a shower before going to your bed. If you will not wash off the pollen and allergens from your hair and body, this may trouble you to fall asleep and can also cause you a severe allergic reaction. The best thing you can do is take a shower immediately after you step inside your home. Keep your dirty clothes in a closed hamper, as the pollen sticking on them can also trigger allergy.

Tip no.3
Most of the people assume that allergic reactions caused by animal dander come from cats and dogs only. The fact is that most of the household critters can trigger allergies such as mice, hamsters, ferrets and birds. The only critters that rarely cause an allergy are reptiles, amphibians and fish. So if you are allergic to dander and you plan to buy a pet keep in mind the above mentioned points.

Tip no.4
Always remember to keep your homes dust free. Use vacuum cleaner more often. In most of the houses some rooms are carpeted, these carpets are home to the allergens and irritants that can trigger allergic reactions. An ordinary vacuum is not enough to do the job. Choose the vacuum with filters or bags that feature HEPA (air purifier) technology.

Tip no.5
People who are sensitive to fragrances and dyes should watch out for products that contain such substances. It is advised to use unscented and clear, hand soap, body wash, laundry soap, dish detergents, baby wipes and other such products. Also avoid using perfumes and body sprays in excess.

Tip no.6
Those who have seasonal allergies should be careful with cut flowers, as they can release pollen in the air and cause allergic symptoms. Instead, you can choose artificial flowers and you won’t even have to keep them in water. You can also choose green plants that do not release any pollen.

Tip no.7
During the pollen season reduce your exposure to potential allergens. Try to keep the windows and doors closed of your house to keep the pollen from entering.

Tip no.8
Up to 30% people have cross-sensitivity, meaning that those who suffer from seasonal allergies are also susceptible to food allergies, and both may react at the same time. In such conditions burning, tingling or itchy sensation may occur in the throat as a result of the reaction between pollen and foods. Those who are allergic to grass pollens should stay away from tomatoes, oranges and melons.

Tip no. 9
The overstuffed chairs, sofas and loveseats might look stylish by they can mess up with your allergies. Studies reveal that such type of furniture is stuffed up with “higher-than-average” amount of harmful allergens including burlap, jute, goat hair and cattle dander. Such decorative pieces can put you at high health risks.

Tip no. 10
You can use a neti-pot which allows you to clear your nasal passage. A neti pot resembles a small tea pot. Put a little water and a pinch of salt in it and pour this water in your one nostril and let it flow out of the other nostril. This will ease out your breathing. Use non-iodized salt.

Tip no. 11
People allergic to dust mites and other insects should wash their bedding on weekly basis, in hot water. When buying pillows and mattresses, make sure that they are made up of allergen proof materials. Always seal the trash bags so that insects are not attracted to them.

Tip no. 12
If you have allergies such as allergic rhinitis, limit your consumption of alcoholic beverages. Alcohol can cause nasal congestion even if taken in small quantity.

By following these tips you may get rid of many triggering factors of your allergy. Enjoy a healthy, happy, allergy-free life.