Tips to Ease your Leg Cramps

Leg cramps are one of the routine things in one’s life especially if you are pregnant or a sportsperson or an elderly. These cramps could trigger in your legs in a jiffy and could also cause you unbearable pain. Cramps usually are of short span but they could last for 10 minutes. Moreover, your legs get cramped due to the contraction in calf pain usually; few people suffer from it once in a while as oppose to others who catch these leg cramps quite often. There are multiple ways to prevent cramps, for instance if you have a contraction in muscle which leads to cramps then you should try to walk as this act would help you in getting relief from that cramp.

Leg Cramps

Apart from that, below mentioned are many other tips which you could opt out for in getting rid of leg cramps instead of running to use over the counter pain killers, let’s now have a peek at those suggested tips:

  • Cramps tend to be very uncomfortable when occurred. A way to cope with your cramped leg is to give it a massage whenever you start feeling the cramp or contraction in calf muscle. If the pain is too much to rub the concerned muscle on your own then in that situation you can ask your friend to give you a massage on leg
  • Another way to get rid of leg cramps is flexing your toes upward or towards your head whenever your cramps trigger. It is another effective tip that works well in leg cramps. Now what you have to do is, sit on you bed and then stretch your leg on the bed while making sure it is touching the bed surface. Then try to lean forward to pick your toes; once done with that then pull your toes upward for few seconds. This will help you in curing your leg cramps. If you are obese and find it difficult to bend forward for picking your toes then you can simply stretch your leg on the bed and later, flex your toes upward
  • Another reason behind occurrence of leg cramps is calcium-phosphorus imbalance. Therefore, you can also give a shot to calcium tablets if your cramps do not go away after exercising even. But before opting out for this tip, it is recommended to consult your doctor
  • You can also go for wall push-ups in order to cope with these leg cramps. What is required from you? Put your hands on the wall in a leaning positioning while keeping your feet flat on the ground. Now try to lean in towards the wall via bending your elbows. While doing so you would feel relief on your calf stretch and after a while you would get rid of the leg cramps. However, if you feel that your pain in the calf muscle is too strong then you should stand closer to wall to try out this tip
  • Moreover, you can also sit still for a while in order to reduce the pain of your cramped leg then when you feel that the pain has lessened, you can then walk slowly in order to get rid of the badly cramped leg
  • Apart from the above mentioned pointers you can also take a cold towel and a heating pad then use both of them on your cramped leg while keep switching between the two unless or until your pain and cramps go away completely
  •  You can also place your cramped leg behind your un-cramped leg with a bit distance in between; then try to bend your un-cramped leg forward. This easy and small exercise would help you in stretching your calf muscle and eventually, in getting rid of the leg cramps
  • If you see that it has been more than 5 minutes and your cramp is not going away then you can take a shower in warm water as this will help you in flexing your cramped leg and in curing your leg cramps which last longer
  • Further you should also pay special attention towards your hydration level because dehydration is one of the common reasons behind leg cramps in athletic and non-athletic people. Ideally you should immediately drink 8 to 16 ounces of water right after appeasing the cramp. Other than water you can also take other fluids on routine basis in order to maintain an appropriate hydration level in your body

If you are getting cramps too often without any problem in your body then you should check your shoes as well because improper shoes can also lead you towards leg cramps and they also tend to make your calf muscle susceptible to cramping and strain. Therefore, you should make sure that your shoes have cushioned feet and arch support before buying and using them. If your shoe does not have feet cushion then you can also buy it from the nearest drug store.