The Truth About Back Pain: 5 Critical Facts You Need To Know

Eight out of every ten people will experience back pain in their lifetime – now that’s a hefty number! Back pain can have many causes, and, if severe, can affect your entire life. It is important to look after yourself, both inside and out, in order to effectively prevent the onslaught of pain and injury. Unfortunately, there are many myths surrounding back pain, and this means that diagnosis and treatment can often be misconstrued and incorrect. We’ve put together five critical facts you need to know about back pain to help you gain knowledge in order to prevent and aid in the treatment of back pain.

The Truth About Back Pain 5 Critical Facts You Need To Know

Invest in a good mattress

It may seem trivial to those not in the know, but where we lay our head at night has a huge effect on our body. We’re only given one body in this lifetime – it’s important we invest in a good quality mattress that will last the test of time. Avoid spending exuberant amounts of money by purchasing your new mattress from a mattress sale. These days, there are many mattresses and mattress accessories available to ensure your sleeping needs are absolutely met. Be sure to tell the sales assistant helping you about any issues you may have with pain or injury, and your preferences regarding mattresses and pillows.

Lift heavy items safely

Incorrectly lifting heavy items is often the cause of back pain. Heavy lifting can cause injuries such as back strains can form. Sprains are tears in the ligaments that support the spine, and these can result from twisting or lifting with bad form. Ensure you bend your knees and do a squatting motion whilst lifting heavy items, and don’t lift anything that is too heavy for you. If help isn’t available, safely use an accessory such as a trolley or a forklift to help you shift extremely heavy items.

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