What Your Feet Say About Your Personality

Do you have a Big Foot? This might mean you are a Yeti!

Jokes apart, but your foot shape can reveal a lot about your inner self. Whether it is your digestive system or your relationship, your feet can tell everything. So say goodbye to the old fashioned palmistry and learn to read your foot.

“The eyes are the window to your soul”, you may have heard this before; what about the feet? They (Chinese) say that “the soles of your feet are the mirrors that reflect your body functions including your mind”. Foot reading was initiated centuries ago in China, almost 5,000 years back. India is also famous for the same.

Every part of your foot is associated with some part of your body; for instance, the arch of your foot can portray the condition of your spine and a fallen arch signals a back problem.

Foot Assessment for personality

If you don’t know how to do read your food, just follow our instructions.

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