Why Milk is Important for you?

As a child you must have been told many times to finish your glass of milk. The older you grew, the less your consumption of milk got and finally your connection broke with it. Isn’t it Right?

People love to drink caffeine-infused energy drinks considering them healthy. OK! Some of them might be but they are not as healthy as milk. Some people also look for food supplements to fulfill their body’s requirement for healthy nutrients, which they can easily get from milk.

So today we will try to provoke you to quit that energy drink and start drinking milk again!

Here is something to start with. This is what a glass of milk (that makes 8 ounce) can provide you:

  • 17% protein
  • 29% calcium
  • 25% vitamin D
  • 15 % vitamin B-12
  • 23% phosphorus
  • 23% riboflavin

Do you want to hear more about its nutrients? Replace with: Dr. Wendy Bazilian from San Diego, calls milk a “wellness drink”, she states that milk is blessed with a unique proportion of nutrients such as carbs, proteins, phosphorous, vitamin D and calcium that are good for bone health.

Why Milk is Important for you

Following are some of its important benefits:

Important for Strong Bones
There are thousands of studies that prove that milk improves bone density and helps to store calcium in the body. A nutritionist says bones that are denser have less chances of stress fractures and also have lower risk of developing osteoporosis, which is a threat for almost 40 million people in America.

A cup of milk provides almost 30% of calcium required by you daily. This calcium is important for building strong bones and teeth, especially in young children. Old people also require milk to rebuild their bone mass, which is lost due to aging. You can compare the calcium contained in a glass of milk with other foods. For example, to get the same amount of calcium you will have to eat 7 cups of broccoli.

Important for Blood and Muscle Health
Dr. Bazillian explains that calcium is vital for our muscles and blood, it is also important for maintenance of “homeostasis”. Calcium is required by the blood vessels during the contraction process. To fulfill the body’s requirement of calcium the body takes it away from the bones. So it is important that you take adequate amount of calcium and preserve it in your bones.
Milk is essential for improving the quality of the blood and for building strong muscles.

Important for Maintaining Weight
Milk is also beneficial for maintaining a healthy weight. Dr. Bazilian says that people who drink milk regularly are leaner than those who do not drink milk on a regular basis. A research was conducted at Ben-Gurion University which proved that people who consumed 12 ounces of milk daily lost 12 lbs of their weight on average. Those who consumed one cup a day lost 7lbs on average.

Important for Controlling Blood Pressure
Milk contains rich amount of potassium which is good for keeping the blood pressure in control. According to Dr. Bazilian milk is naturally low in sodium and high in potassium and both play an important role in maintaining a healthy blood pressure.

Important for curing various diseases
The high contents of calcium and vitamin D save you from osteoporosis, even USDA recommends drinking milk to prevent this disease. As mentioned earlier it maintains a healthy blood pressure and also saves you from cardiovascular disease. Studies reveal that regular intake of milk can protect you against colon cancer. It can also reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Important for Healthy Skin
The nutrients found in milk are helpful for maintaining a beautiful skin. Since ancient times milk is being used as a natural cleanser. The lactic acid present in the milk helps to exfoliate the skin and keeps it rejuvenated. It also contains riboflavin which maintains its natural glow.

Important for Oral Health
Regular consumption of milk can not only strengthen the teeth but it can also protect them against cavities. It protects the enamel from acidic foods and therefore prevents tooth decay.

Important for preventing acidity
Milk is an excellent antacid. A glass of cold milk can bring you an instant relief from heartburn.

Important for keeping you hydrated
Milk is 90% water; therefore it can cool your body and also maintain the fluid levels of the body. You can try hydrating yourself with milk after a strenuous workout.

Important for Reducing PMS symptoms
Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, including stress, cramping and fatigue can be effectively prevented by consuming warm milk.

Important for Immune System
Milk contains zinc which is effective in maintaining a strong immune system, thus enabling you to combat against several diseases.

How much quantity of milk should you consume every day?
3 glasses of milk, preferably low fat, can give you 100% calcium required by your body and 75% vitamin D, along with other nutrients like phosphorus, potassium, vitamin B12 and vitamin A.)
A glass of milk provides you with almost 120 calories. When buying milk look for organic one.

Don’t be afraid of lactose intolerance because Bazilian suggests that lactose intolerance can be reduced by taking it at the right time and in the right quantity, e.g. rather than taking a glass full at a time, the same quantity can be consumed by taking small sips throughout the day. Also lactose intolerance can also be reduced if milk is consumed with other meals or snacks.

You can also look for lactose-free milk at the grocery stores.

Image Courtesy: Flickr,  Joe Shlabotnik