Why Your Vagina Is itching

Itching of the vagina can be really bothering. It starts with a little itching, and starts tingling more and more, and in the end you’re just so frustrated to even not know what to do, and scratch under the table at work, or hiding in the bath. Wondering where that itch comes from? With the exception of the standard itching ahead of menstruation, and for example, it’s not the casewith you, then what is?


Bacterial vaginosis

It’s one of the most common reasons for vaginal itching and burning sensation, and bacterial vaginosis occurs when the composition of the vaginal florachange. Vaginosis is tricky because has symptoms such as malodorous vaginal discharge that smells fishy, ​​reminiscent of Candide. Bacterial vaginosis requires treatment with antibiotics, and various things causes it: hormonal imbalances, sexual activity, number of sexual partners, medications, tampons, aggressive soaps…

Fungal infections

Fungal infection caused by Candida follows intense itching, vaginal discharge, a burning sensation when urinating and during sexual intercourse. Candidiasis is a very common and not considered a sexually transmitted disease. Causes may be antibiotic therapy, pregnancy, diabetes…

Contact dermatitis

Most often, occurs as a reaction to an ingredient of a product, such as sanitary napkins, soap, fabric softener, condoms, lubricants, wet wipes … Contact dermatitis is very unpleasant, and beside itching and redness, one of the symptoms is swelling.
So if you are prone to vaginal problems, avoid using these products, or use non-allergenic. If you notice symptoms of dermatitis, see a doctor immediately.

Eczema or psoriasis

These disorders of the skin can cause itching of the genital region. There are products that can be purchased without a prescription and can calm the irritation of the skin. If you do not feel any improvement within a week, it is best to consult a gynaecologist if you have problems with this type of a skin disease.

Sexually transmitted diseases

Although we all know, it is worth repeating again, unprotected Sex is risky and can lead to various diseases, which always, seriously always you should use protection. In this way you can earn chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, and trichomoniasis. So, if you feel itching or tingling sensation in the vagina, if your urine hasodour, if you have pain while having sex, or if you notice sores on the genitals, see a gynaecologist immediately.

Lichen sclerosis

This disease appears as white spots on the skin and should not be ignored. And, yes, it’s itching to pain. In case you notice something like this, does not treat on your own, letgynaecologist give you a diagnosis.


Every time when your hormone levels are disturbed (during menstruation, menopause or pregnancy, due to the use of contraceptive pills) may cause itching of the vagina.Modified hormones can also cause vaginal dryness. If the symptoms persist, see your doctor.