Wireless Internet Poses Serious Chronic Health Risks

We all agree to the fact that technology has made our lives easier. One such example is the creation of the wireless internet devices which has made internet accessible 24/7 and almost about everywhere, and the best part is you don’t need any wires or cables. But do you know that all this convenience comes with a price? The wireless internet poses serious danger to your health.

Now if you decide to switch off your WiFi device, the problem doesn’t end here. Your neighbor’s WiFi device might still be serving the purpose. Moreover, you might have seen cell phone towers being erected in your nearest vicinity. These towers are not just providing you with the 4G/LTE internet service, but also emitting radiations all the time. Unfortunately, the owners of the telecommunication industry would keep you busy with their latest technological creations, but would never inform you about the negative side of their inventions. The negative side is that these devices are responsible for long-term chronic diseases.

wireless internet poses serious risks...

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