Women Need More Sleep Because They Use Their Brain More

Lately study has proved that the women require more sleep than man.

Experts from Duke University have found out that, compared to men, women are having more mental and physical consequences from inadequate rest.

Although giving half the Americans a justified reason to sleep more, the results could also stimulate new health recommendations for women at increased chances of heart disease, depression and psychological issues.

Women Need More Sleep

The research, which was conducted by clinical psychologist and sleep expert Michael Breus, assessed men and women’s required needs for sleep by estimating their capabilities to deal with lack of rest. Breus explained that the experiment revealed a sharp difference between genders. “We discovered that the women experienced more depression, more anger and more hostility in the mornings,”-says Breus.

Who Needs How Much?

Many factors are believed to contribute to this imbalance. Anyway, some experts claim that it eventually comes down to mental energy spending. According to them, the women simply are using the brain more than men do.

“One of the bigger functions of sleep is the self-recovering and self-repairing if the brain. While sleeping deep, the cortex- the area of the brain charged for thought, memory, language, etc- discards from the senses and falls into recovery mode,”-explains Jim Horne, director of the Sleep Research Center at Loughborough University in England. “The more your brain is tired, the more time it will require to recover during the sleep. Women are prone to multi-tasking-the want to do a lot at the same time and are more flexible-which means that they use their brain more than man do.”

This means that if men are using their brains more through the day, they will require 2-3 more hours for rest. “A man who has a complicated job that requires a lot of decisions and lateral thinking will need more rest than other average man-but still not as much as woman needs,” Horne explained.
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