Yoga Poses for Body Toning

Yoga is one of the best ways to tone your body without much exertion for yoga itself gives the person a very soothing effect and he feels calm and peaceful. With deep breaths in and many breaths out, there is a lot of muscle building involved as well as body toning. This isn’t your mainstream exercise where the rule seems to be, “no pain, no gain”. This is the kind of exercise for sober people who would rather go for yoga than hectic routines at gym. So there is a lot of fan following of yoga as well and people of many different ages join into the yoga groups.

Mostly yoga is practiced in groups. There are special centers for yoga, such as gyms and such where there are trained professionals who have mastered the art of yoga. They are calm and very fresh people, who teach a person how to relax their body, contain themselves in difficult positions and then follow a rhythm of breaths that are to be inhaled and exhaled out at precise moments. It may seem easy, but it isn’t. Moreover, you can easily get CDs and even yoga practices online if you wish to practice it alone at home.

Yoga pose

Below are a few yoga poses to help tone your bodies, these individuals poses can help you a great deal if you’re really put some effort into it:

The Down Facing Dog:
In this yoga pose, start by lying on your stomach flat and move your hands on the side of your ribs, as though you’re going to perform a push-up. Now, tuck your toes, push with your arms to lift yourself up. Lift your rear first and then straighten your legs until your body appears the structure of a V. now as the rhythm of the breath is concerned, keep your palms flat on the floor, push your hips back and chest inclined towards the floor and inhale in such a position. Exhale and relax your muscles a bit retaining your position. Here I would like to mention that this is the key to yoga, to relax your muscles when your exhale and to stiffen them when you inhale.

Corpse Pose:
This is one of the most interesting poses. Lie flat on your back with closed eyes and exhale as you relax your muscles. Now continue in this manner, inhaling deep breaths and exhaling in the similar manner. Now scan your body from head to toe for any tension spots. Make sure your muscles are relaxed everywhere and put yourself into a trance of calmness. This kind of relaxation pose allows muscles to build where they are needed most and depletion of unwanted heavy and influential kinds of muscles. Slowly and gradually with practice, start holding your breath for longer times like 2 minutes.

This pose itself is called sports; it’s a bit rigid from the previous ones. You start by lying on your back and bending your knees; place your feet near your buttocks in such a position and keep your arms straight in the alignment of your body. Bring in your shoulders together and press them onto the floor. Now gradually raise your torso, from shoulders till knees and maintain a suitable position pushing your chest, thighs and hips in the upward direction. With the weight of your body on your shoulders and feet alone, hold the position for 30 seconds and slowly come back to the floor, do not collapse. Also, breathe in a calm pace while retaining the position. It is impossible to maintain or achieve the perfect position but just make sure that you’re trying hard.

Reverse Boat Pose:
Try this pose; it is usually seen in movies and on television and such. It is very simple yet extremely hard to maintain. Make sure you do it right, it’s easy to achieve but hard to maintain. So basically, lie on your stomach and make sure that you keep your chin on the floor. Plus, extend your arms forward in front of you in a stretched position. Also, keep your legs aligned behind you with your toes resting on the floor. Now all together, raise your arms and legs very high at first and try maintaining this position. Push yourself from all sides. Extend your arm muscles forward and that of your legs and feet backwards. Make sure you adopt a rhythm breathing style and exhale and inhale deep breaths. Maintain the position for 30 seconds at first, gradually with practice and time you will learn to hold this position for easy 2 minutes and even more. The key is to raise oneself above the floor. The perfect pose requires the person’s stomach to the only portion in contact with the floor. If you regularly practice yoga and its steps, such flexibility naturally comes in your body.